ISO 19115

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Area Geographic information
title Metadata
Brief description: Description of geographic information and related services
Latest edition 2005-05
ISO 19115

The ISO 19115 "Geographic Information - Metadata" is a standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is part of the ISO 191xx series for the standardization of geographic information and geodata . It has also been available as the German DIN EN ISO 19115 since May 2005 .

ISO 19115 defines an internationally valid standard for the description of geographical information and associated services. This standard is intended to make it possible to describe geodata on the basis of metadata in such a way that their suitability for certain application purposes can be assessed, or useful presentation and processing methods can be derived. The scheme of ISO 19115 includes a. Information about the content, spatial and temporal references, data quality, data access options or usage rights.

While the overall model defines over 400 different metadata elements, the mandatory core data set, which meets the minimum requirements for describing geodata, only comprises a good 20 elements. The standard is an important basis for setting up spatial data infrastructures (SDI).

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