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iTap is text recognition software that makes it easier to enter text on mobile phones . It was developed by Motorola , so far only sold on cell phones of this brand and can be seen as a further development of Text on 9 keys (T9 for short).

Compare iTap and T9

iTap has a few significant differences compared to the T9 : On the one hand, the software learns words that are not yet stored in the software's dictionary when you enter them letter by letter. The T9 text recognition software has to learn new words using a specific input field.

Certain functions of iTap have meanwhile also been taken up by T9 . ITap and T9 sort words according to use in order to be able to suggest more frequently used words. In addition, both systems remember often used combinations of words and punctuation marks and then suggest them (e.g. an exclamation mark after "Hi"). In addition, iTap forgets sporadically used words.

But the more important difference is that iTap enables words with more than three characters to be entered faster than with T9 : To enter long words with T9 , it is necessary to press a key for each letter; iTap, on the other hand, suggests a series of words after entering three letters, through which you can scroll and only need to confirm the word you are looking for. Ideally, you only have to press four keys to insert the desired word including spaces after it.