Il Conciliatore

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Front cover of the magazine on typical blue paper

Il Conciliatore (Eng .: The Reconciler ) was an Italian political-literary magazine that was published every two weeks in Milan from September 3, 1818 to October 17, 1819 . It conveyed the aesthetic, philosophical and scientific ideas of Romanticism to Italy and strengthened the national feeling in the time of the Risorgimento . The magazine was edited in the house of Count Luigi Porro Lambertenghi; other collaborators were Giovanni Berchet , Ludovico di Breme , Federico Confalonieri , Piero Maroncelli , Giuseppe Nicolini and Silvio Pellico . Because of its patriotic attitude it was banned by the Austrian censors (Milan was then part of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia and thus part of the Austrian Empire ).

In 1914/15 there was a second magazine of the same name under the direction of Giuseppe Antonio Borgese .