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X-ray of a hip joint with an implant

An implant (from Latin in , 'into' and plantar ' to plant') is an artificial material implanted in the body that is supposed to remain there permanently or at least for a longer period of time. A distinction is often made between medical, plastic and functional implants. In contrast to the implant or the endoprosthesis , an exoprosthesis is attached to the outside of the body.

Medical implants

Their job is to support or replace body functions. Depending on their function, they are also known as implanted prostheses . Well-known examples are:

Plastic implants

Plastic implants are used in plastic surgery, for example, as a replacement for destroyed body parts or as an enlargement of existing body parts. The most famous implants are breast implants for breast enlargement .

Functional implants

They serve z. B. the monitoring of animals or people by transplanting RFID chips under the skin. One manufacturer is VeriChip .

A court in Sydney first confirmed that a public transport company in the Australian city does not have to accept the unauthorized subcutaneous implantation of a ticket chip under the passenger's skin. The passenger was acquitted of the penalty in the June 2018 appeal proceedings, but has to bear the (higher) procedural costs.

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