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Incomindios ( International Committee for Indigenous Americans ) is a human rights organization based in Zurich , Switzerland. Incomindios has been campaigning for the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide since 1974 , with a special focus on North, Central and South America.

The association was founded in Geneva in 1974 at the suggestion of the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) .

Since 2003 the organization has had consultant status as an NGO (Special, formerly Cat. II) with the Economic and Social Council of the UN ( ECOSOC ).

Today the association has over 1,000 members.


The original purpose of the organization was to give indigenous peoples access to the UN in Geneva. In 2007 the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples ( UNDRIP ) was passed by the UN General Assembly after a 25-year development process. This document grants the indigenous peoples comprehensive basic rights for the first time, both as a collective and as an individual. Incomindios wants to drive these developments forward and help ensure that the declaration is known, accepted, implemented and integrated into national legal systems worldwide.

The content-related work is divided into three different subject areas (rights, culture and education, resources) and is carried out in the working groups. These follow the situation and development of the situation of the indigenous peoples worldwide with a special focus on North, Central and South America, reach the public with petitions and actions and take up cases of human rights violations.

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