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Document granting the faithful an indulgence for visiting the St. Jacob's Chapel in the parish church in Glatz, Silesia

Indulgentia ( Latin for "forbearance") is a remission of punishment , in theology of the Roman Catholic Church in particular, an inheritance of temporary penalties for the recipient of such an act of grace (see also indulgence ).

In Roman criminal justice system was Indulgenz exerted particularly in ceremonial occasions, which is about a pardon by later regent or heads of state corresponds.

As indulgentia one occurring on imperial coins goddess was also grace referred to "the heavenly" was also called. On the denarii she is shown riding on a lion over waves of water into the sky with a lecture that drives away evil spirits in the air.

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  • Werther Götze: Advice from divine beings, ancient coins brought to life. Part 1 , self-published, Erfurt 1994, pp. 78-79

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