International Association for the History of Religion

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The International Association for the History of Religion (IAHR), ( German  "International Association for the History of Religions " ), is a body of national and regional associations founded in 1935 for the academic study of religion. He is a member of the “Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines” (CIPSH) under the auspices of UNESCO .

The IAHR was founded on the occasion of the 7th International Congress of the History of Religions in 1950 in Amsterdam, Netherlands . During the IAHR World Congress in Tokyo , Japan , in 2005, the IAHR grew to 37 national and 5 regional associations.

The IAHR consists of the general assembly of all members, which is called every five years, of the International Committee and the Executive Committee. The International Committee meets every 2½ years and consists of two voting delegates from each of the national or regional associations. It elects the 12-member board and makes recommendations on issues of importance to the IAHR.

As such, the IAHR is the most important international forum for the critical, analytical and cross-cultural study of religion, past and present. The IAHR is not a forum for denominational, apologetic or similar concerns.

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