International Music Council

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International Music Council
International Music Council
Organization type independent international non-governmental organization
Abbreviation IMC
management Frans de Ruiter
Founded 1949
Headquarters Paris
Upper organization UNESCO

The International Music Council ( Engl. International Music Council, shortly IMC ) was on the instructions of the Director General of the 1949 UNESCO established as a non-governmental advisory body on musical matters.

Today he has national music committees from over 60 countries on all continents, around 30 international music organizations and around 50 honorary members. Under the auspices of the IMC, the Music Councils in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Arab countries and Latin America promote regional projects and international cooperation.

Members include the German Music Council and the Austrian Music Council . The European department of the IMC is the European Music Council, formed in 1972 and based in Bonn .

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