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The International Electrotechnical Vocabulary ( english I nternational E lectrotechnical V ocabulary , IEV ) is to standardize the terminology of electrical engineering from the International Electrotechnical Commission published (IEC).

The IEV is the IEC 60050 series of standards and has also been available online as Electropedia since 2007 . It consists of numerous chapters, which are divided into parts and sections. The German edition of the IEV, which is maintained by the DKE and also published online, contains the English and French language terms and definitions of the IEV and their translations into German.

IEV classes are:

  • Class 1: General Terms
  • Class 2: Electrical materials
  • Class 4: Electrical devices and equipment
  • Class 5: Electronic devices and equipment
  • Class 6: Generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy
  • Class 7: Telecommunications
  • Class 8: Special applications

The above classes are further subdivided by the IEV parts (three-digit number) and sections (two-digit number), followed by the number of the entry.

In Germany, the IEV is processed by the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies of the German Institute for Standardization and the Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology VDE.

Web links

  • DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies in DIN and VDE: International electrical engineering dictionary. German-language online edition of the IEV; including definitions from IEC 60050 in English and French.
  • Electropedia is the online English edition of the IEC's International Electrotechnical Dictionary; including keyword translation into multiple languages.

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