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The Irish Parliamentary Party ( Irish Páirtí Parlaiminteach na hÉireann , dt. Irish parliamentary party ) was founded in 1882 by the leader of the Nationalist Party Charles Stewart Parnell and thus transformed the Home Rule League into a parliamentary party with fixed rules. The party's goal was a self-determined Irish parliament ( Home Rule ).

Each party member had to swear an oath to stand by the party, to act on its behalf and to vote. This was the first time in Western politics that the political leadership of a party gave guidelines for voting. The members continued to receive remuneration from party funds.

In 1891, as a result of the scandal surrounding Parnell's affair with the married Katharine O'Shea , the party split into two camps, the supporters of Parnell (so-called Parnellites ) and his opponents (so-called anti-Parnellites ). Only four of Parnell's supporters were Protestants , Pierce Mahony among them . But under the leadership of John Redmond and his deputy, John Dillon, the party was reunified in 1900. During this time, the party introduced many important social laws and was able to enforce them.

The Local Government Act of 1908 decreased as the importance of the existing, dominated by landlords group of jurors, and replaced it with 49 countships, urban and rural councils ( county, urban and rural district councils ), who were led by Irish. The assemblies were very popular in Ireland as they established a new political class that demonstrated their ability to run Irish affairs. This led to renewed hopes for Home Rule . Due to the great dominance of Irish Parliamentary Party members within these assemblies, there was also a lot of nepotism.

After the British election in 1910 and the reduction of the veto power of the House of Lords by the Parliament Act , the party finally achieved the legal acceptance of the Home Rule, which was not implemented for the time being due to the First World War and the subsequent Irish freedom movements. During the war, the party supported the National Volunteers .

Irish Parliamentary Party Leader, 1882–1918

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