JBoss Seam

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JBoss Seam

Basic data

developer JBoss
Current  version 2.3.1 Final
(July 25, 2013)
operating system cross-platform
programming language Java
category Web framework , Java
License LGPL ( Free Software )

JBoss Seam (originally Seam Framework ) is originally (up to version 2) a web framework developed by JBoss for Java EE , which simplifies the interaction between the business logic and the presentation. The business logic usually runs in an EJB 3.0 container , while the presentation layer is implemented with JavaServer Faces (JSF). However, it is also possible to use POJOs instead of the EJBs.

By using annotations and registering all components in the Seam context, it is possible on the one hand to dispense with the extensive XML configuration files and on the other hand to reference the EJB components directly in the presentation. This procedure is motivated by the principle of having to repeat as little as possible during programming and configuration (see Don't repeat yourself ). By reducing the number of configuration files, JBoss Seam 2 enables web applications to be developed quickly using the scalable and standardized Java EE architecture.

Seam 3

The development of Seam 3 was stopped by Red Hat , many projects from the Seam project were taken over into the Apache DeltaSpike project .

Seam 2 literature

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