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JUNET ( Japan University NETwork ) was a computer network set up in Japan for research purposes, similar to Usenet .

The systems were connected via a telephone circuit through which a UUCP implementation exchanged e-mails and newsgroups .

In 1984 a data network connection was established between the University of Tokyo , Keiō University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology . A large number of universities and research institutes from the business world were later connected to the system, so that in the end over 600 different institutions were involved. In 1991, the JUNET association was founded by the participants in JUNET.

Through the WIDE project and the first commercial Internet provider IIJ and Japan Telecom , the TCP / IP -based Internet spread in Japan in the early 1990s . At the time of its ten-year existence in March 1994, the JUNET, which was considered obsolete, was therefore switched off.

JUNET initially used .junet as the domain name for e-mail addresses, for example u-tokyo.junet for the University of Tokyo, but this was soon changed to the .jp domain.

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