Keiō University

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Keio University
慶 應 義 塾 大学
motto The pen is stronger than the sword
founding 1858
Sponsorship Private
place Tokyo , Japan
president Akira Haseyama
Students 33,530 ( May 2017 )
Employee 2,273 ( May 1, 2017 )
including professors 808 ( May 1, 2017 )
Networks IAU
The entrance to Keiō University
(Alter Mita Campus)
Keiō University Library designed by Sone Tatsuzō
(Alter Mita Campus)

The Keiō University ( Japanese 慶 應 義 塾 大学 Keiō gijuku daigaku ) is an elite private university in Japan .


The university was founded in 1858 by Fukuzawa Yukichi as Rangaku -juku - School for Western Studies -, gave itself in 1868 (year 4 of the Keiō era according to the Japanese era ) its current name Keiō Gijuku ( 慶 應 義 塾 , dt Keiō ”), set up her first university faculty in 1890 and advertises itself as the oldest university in Japan.

The university competes with Waseda University for the place of the most important private university in Japan . Visiting one of these prestigious schools is, unlike the state elite universities such as the University of Tokyo and the University of Kyoto , not necessarily linked to the country's most difficult entrance exam. Colloquially, the male students are sometimes referred to as "Keio boys".

There are: literature, economics, law, business studies, medicine, technology, policy management, environment and information studies, nursing and medical care. In addition, the university has been the Asian host organization of the World Wide Web Consortium since 1996 . A total of 28,112 students study at Keiō University (as of 2004).

There are seven locations:

In addition to the university, Keiō Gijuku also runs elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

Famous Graduates

The university also has a large number of famous graduates with over 320,000 alumni. These include, for example, three former prime ministers of Japan, namely Junichiro Koizumi  (2001-2006),  Ryūtarō Hashimoto  (1996-1998) and  Tsuyoshi Inukai  (1931-1932). There are also well over 200 former graduates who are CEOs of large national and international companies such as Akio Toyoda (CEO of Toyota ), Taizo Nishimuro (CEO Tokyo Stock Exchange ) or Yuzaburo Mogi (CEO Kikkoman ). This means that the university has the nationwide top position of graduates in such management positions.

Famous professors

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