Japan Energy

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Japan Energy
legal form Kabushiki kaisha (joint stock company)
founding December 1905
Seat Chiyoda , Tokyo
Number of employees approx. 2,700
sales 2,552,580,000,000 yen (€ 16.3 billion, March 2007)
Branch Mineral oil company
Website www.j-energy.co.jp

KK Japan Energy ( Japanese 株式会社 ジ ャ パ ン エ ナ ジ ー , Kabushiki-gaisha Japan Enajī , English Japan Energy Corporation ) is a mineral oil company from Japan . The company belongs to the Japanese company Nippon Mining Holdings KK ( 新 日 鉱 ホ ー ル デ ィ ン グ ス 株式会社 , Shin-Nikkō Hōrudingsu Kabushiki-gaisha ). Nippon Mining Holdings Group has four main areas: mineral oils, nonferrous metals, electronic materials and other areas.

The mineral oil is sold in petrol stations under the JOMO brand ( ジ ョ モ , abbreviation for Joy of Motoring ).

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