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Jiska ( Hebrew יִסְכָּה Jiskah ) is a Hebrew female given name. It is already attested in one place in the Bible ( Gen 11.29  EU ):

Abram and Nahor took women. Abram's wife was called Sarai and Nahor's wife was Milka, Haran's daughter, who was the father of Milka and Jiska. "

On the basis of the quoted passage in the Bible, it is speculated in the rabbinical Jewish tradition for Rashi , for example , that Jiska is just another name for Sarah . This is followed by the assumption that this name is one of the reasons why Sarah is considered one of the seven biblical prophets in Judaism . One of the biblical names for "prophet" ( Hebrew ראה ro'eh ) means “seer”.

The name Jessica , which first appears in William Shakespeare's comedy The Merchant of Venice , is believed to be derived from the biblical name Jiska .


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