Joakim Andersson (badminton)

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Joakim Andersson (born April 18, 1977 ) is a Swedish badminton player .


In 1999 Joakim Andersson won the Welsh International in men's doubles with Peter Axelsson . At the 2001 World Cup he was 17th in doubles with Johan Holm . In the same year he won the Hungarian International with Holm. In 2006 and 2010 he became Swedish champion.

Sporting successes

season event discipline space Surname
1999 Welsh International Men's doubles 1 Joakim Andersson / Peter Axelsson
2001 World Championship Men's doubles 17th Joakim Andersson / Johan Holm
2001 Hungarian International Men's doubles 1 Johan Holm / Joakim Andersson
2005/2006 Sweden: Individual Championship Men's doubles 1 Joakim Andersson / Zhang Yi (Täby BMF)
2009/2010 Sweden: Individual Championship Mixed 1 Joakim Andersson / Zhang Xi (Täby BMF)

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