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Joe's Own Editor

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Basic data

developer Joseph Percival Allen
Publishing year August 22, 1991
Current  version 4.6
( January 9, 2018 )
operating system Unix-like , DOS , Windows
programming language C.
category Text editor
License GNU General Public License
German speaking Yes

Joe or Joe's Own Editor is a free (under the GPL ) console-based text editor for Unix systems. It is included as a standard application on many Unix distributions.


The application was first published on Usenet by Joseph Allen in 1989/1990 . The original program name was simply "e". From version 2.2 there is also a port for MS-DOS .

After the release of version 2.8 by Joseph Allen in 1995, development came to a standstill for several years. In 2001 a new group of enthusiasts, led by Marek Grac, resumed development, fixing many bugs and introducing a standardized build system . In 2004, the original author rejoined the project and released version 3.0, which introduced syntax highlighting and UTF-8 support.

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