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jugendschutz.net is a company in the form of a non-profit GmbH , based in Mainz , which operates on the basis of §18 of the State Treaty on Youth Media Protection (JMStV) to protect minors in " telemedia ", especially on the Internet . According to the JMStV, it is " financed jointly by the state media authorities and the states until December 31, 2012".

Jugendschutz.net was founded in 1997 by the youth ministries of the federal states as a joint central office; Organizationally, since the JMStV came into force on April 1, 2003, it has been linked to the Commission for Youth Media Protection (KJM) and supports it and the highest state youth authorities in their work. Jugendschutz.net was originally only responsible for the control of media services (i.e. offers that are aimed at the public), but the JMStV has expanded its field of activity to include interactive and communicative offers such as chats and file sharing .

If, in the opinion of jugendschutz.net, Internet offers violate the JMStV, the company will inform the provider and inform the KJM about the offer.

jugendschutz.net is z. T. controversial. On blogs by opponents of the censorship, for example AK Zensur, criticism is being made of the company taking on "quasi sovereign tasks of the state" and, in terms of acquiring projects, has an interest in portraying the Internet as dangerous for children and young people.

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