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Studio Inixsoft Co., Ltd.
Publisher Plenary , Netmarble
platform PC ( Windows )
genre MMORPG
Subject Fantasy
Game mode Multiplayer
control Keyboard , mouse
system advantages
CPU: 800 MHz, RAM: 256 MB, OS: Windows 98 or higher, VGA: 3D accelerator, DirectX: 9.0c, HDD: 1.4 GB must be present to install KalOnline.
language English , Korean
information Fantasy MMORPG from South Korea . The game is based on the mythical war between King Ha-Nin and the troops of Ban-Go.

KalOnline ( 칼 온라인 , kore. For sword or violence ) is a free Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). A free downloadable installation file is required to play. With the international English-speaking game client, the player has access to two independent game servers.

In addition to the international version, there is a local operator specifically in South Korea. However, playing there is only possible with a South Korean social security number . A similar project in China was discontinued in early 2007.

Course of the game

By killing monsters, the player gains experience points that allow him to rise in the level. This allows him to improve his skills or learn new skills. In addition to fighting monsters, there is the possibility of completing quests and thus receiving additional rewards, mostly in the form of experience points, money, guild points and skill points. The quest system distinguishes between "event quests", which form the storyline, normal quests that can only be completed once, "repeatable" quests that can be completed as often as you like, and "daily quests" that can be completed once a day . There are also so-called "Mission Quests". In the course of the game you will inevitably find some quest items that do not belong to any of the previous quests. Once you've found enough, you can exchange it for experience by buying the matching "Mission Quest" scroll. The aim of the game is to keep improving your character. In contrast to most other MMORPGs, there is no fixed upper limit for the experience points gained. This means that you cannot reach the highest "level".

In addition to the possibility of fighting alone, up to eight players can play together in a group. Experience points gained in the process are shared among the group members. There is a guild system. Up to 64 players can form a guild and then have their own chat area, for example. Up to eight guilds can form alliances and take part in the weekly, 90-minute battle for the castle (Castle War).

For new players, the game offers a so-called "Teacher & Student" relationship, through which a new and an old player can communicate more easily via a common chat area. In addition, both teachers and students receive small rewards.

Player classes

The player can switch between classes on the international server; Magician ( Mage ), archer ( Archer ), fighter ( Knight ), thief ( Thief ) and since September 2017 magician ( Shaman ) choose. Each of these classes currently goes through three stages of development, called job changes, in the course of the game. The first job change takes place from level 30 and unlocks further skills. Up to level 50 the development of each class is quite linear. The player only has the opportunity to vary by choosing his skills. The second job change takes place at level 50 and gives the player the choice of two completely different professions. The third job change is at level 70 and brings new skills. In general, it can be said that it is always the choice between a supportive and a fighting profession. These eight professions are designed in such a way that they complement each other and make playing together in groups more effective.


The best PVP players on a server are given a higher rank, which adds a rank abbreviation such as Recruit or Private in front of their name. By fighting against other players, the characters receive so-called "Honor points" (English for "honor points") and "Reward points". Otherwise unavailable items are acquired through reward points. Honor points determine the rank of the game characters and thus offer a second possibility to "improve" them in addition to collecting experience points.

The weekly Castle War

The alliance or individual guild that manages to hoist their flag on this castle in this PVP battle or to defend the flag / flag that has already been set becomes the castle owner and receives tax revenue that is generated when the players trade with NPCs . Tax revenue can vary between 85 and 115%.


Here two players have the opportunity to fight a duel without any consequences for the course of the game.

Duel Tournament

Players can register for tournaments here; these tournaments are grouped into groups of five levels each. For example, it is not possible to fight a level 70 opponent at level 60.

PK system

Another possibility to compete with other players is the "Assassin mask". This mask enables the players in certain areas of the KalOnline world to attack other players and to be attacked by them.

Guild VS Guild scenarios

There are three different scenarios in which two guilds face each other and have to try to get the most points by solving certain tasks and fighting the opponent. These tasks are:

  • Destroy the opponent's towers.
  • To protect the guild leader at an altar where he prays.
  • Kill most of the monsters that appear at certain times.

Triangular Battle

Every player from a certain level can register here. The PVP starts at a certain time and the players are automatically divided into 3 groups. Each group then has to try to steal emblems from the other groups and bring them to their own altar.

Island of the Battlefield

Here the players can form "Armys" (German armies) and compete against each other on the Battlefield (German battlefield). There are so-called "Key Points" to conquer here, which give additional support spells.

The color system of the monsters

colour description EXP Drop Egg EXP
Gray The monster level is very far below that of the player 0% Quest items only. No
blue The monster level is far below that of the player 50% Yes No
green The monster level is slightly below that of the player 75% Yes No
yellow The monster level is the same as that of the player 100% Yes Yes
orange The monster level is slightly higher than that of the player 125% Yes Yes
red The monster level is way above that of the player 150% Yes Yes
violet The monster level is very far above that of the player 200% Yes Yes

Content and change of KalOnline

During the weekly server maintenance, so-called "updates" are often carried out, which have changed the game a lot over the years. For example, the size of the virtual game world has more than tripled since the release. Although new content is mostly graphically and playfully appealing, many players are bothered by the fact that old areas are almost unchanged. Furthermore, the speed at which players can collect experience points has increased significantly. Due to the many updates, the current KalOnline has little in common with the 2004 version.


The client and playing on the servers is free. There is an item shop in which you can buy special items for real money, but these are not absolutely necessary for playing, but give the buyer advantages. The game is also financed through this shop. However, especially at higher levels, it is hardly possible to continue playing comfortably without items from this item shop. However, it is possible to purchase them in the game from other players or have them sent to you as a gift from other players via the KalOnline shop. These two possibilities do not completely block the way for a player who does not want to invest money to achieve a good score.

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