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KGF is an abbreviation for:

  • Keratinocyte Growth Factor ("keratinocyte growth factor"), original name of the fibroblast growth factor "FGF-7"
  • Construction footprint, sum of the footprints of all rising components in the building industry
  • Short glass fiber , for reinforcing compound plastics, see glass fiber reinforced plastics
  • Qaraghandy Sary-Arka Airport , Sary-Arka International Airport (Kazakh: Сарыарқа Әуежайы, Russian: Аэропорт Сары-Арка), an airport that serves the capital of the Qaraghandy region, the Kazakh city of the same name, Qaraghandy code, according to the IATA code
  • Combat group against fascism (KGF) in Bremen

KgF is an abbreviation for:

kgf is an abbreviation for:

  • kilogram-force, an obsolete physical unit for force since around 1940, also force kilogram, see kilopond