Combat group against fascism

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The Combat Community against Fascism (KGF) was a political organization of representatives of the left parties in Bremen after the Second World War .

On May 3, 1945, the KGF was constituted in Bremen and appointed the ten-member board. The KPD was represented on the board with Hermann Wolters and Georg Buckendahl . Adolf Ehlers , who belonged to the KPO at the end of the Weimar Republic , and Franz Cavier ( SAP ) had previously been KPD members and soon joined the KPD in Bremen . The board also included members of the SPD and ISK .

Ehlers and Wolters had visited the commander of the British occupation troops on April 29, 1945 and, as the “leader of the labor movement in Bremen”, asked for permission to found the KGF, which was also granted by the occupation authorities.

Since May 6, 1945, the KGF has published its own information publication, Der Aufbau, organ of the fighting community against fascism . Two weeks after it was founded in Bremen, the KGF had 14 local groups with 4265 members and 14 local groups from suburban and surrounding communities. According to its own information, the KGF had just under 6,500 members in May 1945.

The KGF was dominated by the KPD. The KPD provided 102 delegates to the first KGF district conference in July 1945, the SPD 45, 12 from SAP, KPO and ISK, and 26 delegates did not indicate party affiliation.

With the approval of the KPD and SPD in Bremen on October 20, 1945, the discussion about the future of the KGF began. From the perspective of the KPD, the KGF was an instrument to work towards a socialist unity party. While such a unity party initially enjoyed sympathy with both parties, in early October 1945 a large majority in the SPD spoke out against the union under the impression of increasing repression in the Soviet Zone , which led to the forced unification of the SPD and KPD . The KGF dissolved at its second district conference on December 16, 1945.

The communist majority of the delegates at this conference again demanded the immediate formation of the Unity Party.

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