Kachin Dha

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Kachin Dha
Weapon type: sword
Designations: Dha, Kachin Dha
Use: weapon
Region of origin /
Burma , ethnic groups from Burma
Distribution: Burma
Overall length: about 80 cm
Blade length: about 50 cm
Handle: Brass , wood, ivory , silver , gold
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The Kachin Dha is a sword from Burma.


The Kachin Dha has a straight, double-edged blade. The blade widens from the handle to the location . The place just cut off. The blade is smooth and has no central ridge and no hollow grind. The booklet has no guard. It is usually made of wood and / or metal. The Kachin Dha is a version of the Dha that was developed by the Kachin ethnic group in what is now the Kachin state . The hilt and the scabbards are often decorated with inlays or with silver and gold covers. The sheaths are usually made of wood and wrapped in rattan . They are usually worn on a shoulder strap rather than a belt. The construction of the Dha is unusual in terms of the aspect ratio of blade length to handle length. This enables one or two-handed use, which enables very quick blows. There are many versions. The Kachin Dha is used by ethnic groups in Burma.

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