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Kilometer bank is or was the name of various ticket systems in rail transport based on a credit. What all systems have in common is that the customer purchases a certain amount of kilometers in advance (sometimes also a value), which can then be redeemed on the rail company's rail network.


Cover sheet of an ÖBB kilometer bank from 1989

The ÖBB Kilometer Bank and the Green Bank were a blank ticket system for long- distance rail passenger transport . A customer could either purchase a credit of 2000 or 5000 kilometers (kilometer bank ) or of 2000 ÖS (green bank) and thus complete journeys with up to six people and in both classes, from a minimum distance of 71 km, across the entire Austrian rail network. Instead of a classic ticket, the travel details were entered in a data booklet and confirmed by the conductor . Both products were discontinued on September 30, 1999.

The Western Railway offered between the start of operation in 2011 and 15 December 2014 km transferable kilometers banks to 1,000 km and 5,000 km at times even to 5,555 and 10,000 km, which could be used in the trains no minimum distance.

Czech Republic

The Czech Railways offers a similar ticket at all ticket offices with the Kilometer Bank 2000 (Kilometrická banka) . With this ticket, the passenger can cover a total of approx. 2000 km within six months on ČD trains within the Czech Republic. Currently (as of 12/2013) a kilometer bank costs 2,200 Czech crowns, which corresponds to 4 euro cents per km.

The ticket can be purchased up to 2 months in advance and is valid for a maximum of 6 months from the first day of validity. The routes are debited individually for each trip. The minimum distance is 100 km for adults and 50 km for children. A maximum of 400 tariff km will be debited for a single journey.

The customer must note the route on the ticket. The train attendant determines the tariff kilometers and debits them. In the event of insufficient credit, the remaining amount of the fare can be paid in cash or a new kilometer bank can be started for the proportionate route.

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