Kochia (magazine)

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description Scientific journal
Area of ​​Expertise Botanical taxonomy, floristry, plant geography
language German
First edition December 22, 2006
Frequency of publication 1 × annually
editor Society for the Research of Flora in Germany e. V. (GEFD)
Web link flora-deutschlands.de
ISSN (print)

Kochia is a German scientific journal for botany that has been published annually since 2006 - usually in the fourth quarter. The publisher is the Society for Research into Flora Germany e. V. (GEFD), which it distributes to its members and subscribers.

The magazine is named after the university professor of medicine and botany Wilhelm Daniel Joseph Koch (1771–1849), who significantly advanced botanical research in Germany in the first half of the 19th century and who inspired many specialist colleagues. Kochia publishes original works that deal in a broader sense with the botanical-floristic research of Germany. They mainly belong to the sub-areas of floristry , taxonomy , nomenclature , chorology , cytology , autecology and the history of botany . Each volume contains lists of the new names and combinations as well as new typifications . After a period of five years, the content of the Kochia volumes will be made freely accessible online on the company's website. Tables of contents and the summaries of the individual articles from all published Kochia volumes can be viewed online on the Society's website.

In 2008 a Kochia supplement was published ( ISSN  1867-6626 ).

Individual evidence

  1. flora-deutschlands.de (PDF) , list of vascular plants in Germany

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