Piston flow meter

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Measuring principle

The term piston meter refers to flow meters that work on the positive displacement principle. These high-precision volume counters are suitable for rough industrial use and also for use in laboratories.

Today the piston meters are the common technique for measuring the flow rate of liquid fuel in the tank devices for motor vehicles in addition to the sliding vane flowmeter is a volumetric meter. It is also a common measurement method for monitoring operations on a gas station .

Measuring principle

A rotatable crankshaft with 4 measuring pistons connected by connecting rods is moved through the medium. The pistons sliding in cylinders form 4 measuring chambers, which result in a reproducible volume per revolution. The revolutions are transmitted via a magnetic coupling to a mechanical counter or a pulse generator. The parts in contact with the medium are mostly made of stainless steel or Teflon.

Due to the design, this measuring principle enables highly accurate, viscosity-independent flow measurements. Measurement accuracy: <0.5% of the measured value.


  • Standard measuring ranges for tank systems: 50, 80, 130 liters / minute with integrated pulse generator
  • Namur pulse generator
  • Totalizator with printer
  • Flow computer
  • Electronic price calculator with communication protocols (RS485) and liter impulses for internal communication through CAN bus interface


  • Flow measurement of low to medium viscosity liquids
  • Additive dosing and hydraulic applications
  • Measurement of chemicals, fuels, oils
  • Flow measurement tank truck (calibratable)
  • Flow controls, pump control
  • Method for monitoring processes at a petrol station
    • Gas pumps
    • Service units for petrol stations

Application example

In the method for monitoring processes at a petrol station, the data is recorded by the piston meter. These data are collected and evaluated over time, preferably on the cash register computer or a back office computer at the petrol station. In this way, the auto-calibration of the level measuring device of a storage tank can also be checked and calibrated. Determine measurement deviations of fuel volume measuring devices in the fuel pumps and draw conclusions about the condition of fuel filters.


  • accurate and viscosity-independent flow measurements
  • Calibration capability
  • ATEX approval

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