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Under a complete solution (Engl. Walkthrough called) refers to a document that describes the how to make a video game ended for computers or consoles successful. The complete solution can appear as an Internet article, in magazine or book form or often in the form of several videos on video platforms such as YouTube. They can also be found in relevant specialist magazines ( computer game magazine as well as computer magazines ).


Nowadays, complete solutions are no longer limited to simply playing through the games, but are becoming more and more comprehensive. For example, complete solutions for role-playing games and adventure games often list in detail which characters the player can adopt, which skills they have and where to find them. In English-language magazines and internet platforms, you can find these more comprehensive game aids within the FAQ for the game. Solution aids are also often created by ordinary players who, for example, publish them themselves or send them to specialized websites. Databases with cheats and complete solutions have existed since at least the 1990s, although these were distributed on data carriers before the spread of the Internet.

There are also extensive lists of all objects that can be found (if available in the game) and all spells with effects and in all variants. The readers are now always asking for detailed explanations of all side quests that have nothing to do with solving the main game. There are now complete solutions for every video game genre, most of which are formulated in very detailed and understandable ways.

In addition to complete solutions on the Internet, there are also the so-called official solution books , which can usually be obtained directly from the manufacturer or in specialist shops. These are comprehensive, elaborately designed works with color photos, tables, artworks and clear maps for the game worlds. Most of the time, such books go much more into the playful details and examine the game as completely as possible for its playful potential and possible activities. Many players prefer this type of walkthrough because the books are clearer and usually nicer presented. Such solution books, which can be viewed as accompanying literature, are therefore closer to merchandise. In the meantime, solution books are also popular with collectors, as these are usually very artistically designed and printed on high-quality paper.


With the spread of the Internet and the advent of video portals, a new genre of complete solutions , the playthroughs, emerged . Solving the game or parts of it is recorded on video (mostly with emulators and screencast ) and uploaded to the Internet.

Playing through a computer game as quickly as possible is  called speedrun . This happens in different categories, like just playing the game through to the credits or collecting every item in the game.