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The solution (derived from Los ) stands for:

  • Motto wants a motto depend on which one is
  • Slogan , a memorable saying, for example in advertising
  • Password , code word, an authentication character
  • the Bible verse drawn by lots for each day of the year by the Moravian Brethren , see Moravian slogans
  • a biblical passage determined by lot as the leading verse for the year, see annual lottery
  • a password agreed upon in the military to pass the guard, see parole (military)
  • the citizen tax of the imperial city of Nuremberg, see slogan (Nuremberg)

derived from solve stands for:

  • in the hunter's language the droppings of game and dog
  • in legal language u. a.
    • the release of persons from a legal or factual bond
    • the recovery of property and rights from the legal relationship to another person (right of train or retract)
  • the daily or box office receipts in a retail store or department store

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