Contact poison

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A contact poison is a poison that can be absorbed through the skin , i.e. dermally .

Contact poisons in technology

The best-known contact poisons include the plant protection products DDT and E605 . These are now banned pesticides . The hydrofluoric acid (or hydrofluoric acid ) is one of the contact poisons.

Some chemical nerve agents also act as contact poisons. The nerve agents sarin , soman and tabun are chemically very closely related to the contact poison parathion (E605) and, like chlorpyrifos, which has been banned for domestic use in the USA since 2001, are among the (thio) phosphoric acid esters .

Contact poisons in biology

The poison of monkshood is one of the herbal substances that work through the skin .

Amphibian poisons are a common contact poison in the animal world .


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