Koreasat 5

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Koreasat 5
Start date August 22, 2006
Launcher Zenit 3SL
Launch site Sea launch
Takeoff mass 4438 kg
Manufacturer Alcatel Alenia Space
Satellite bus Spacebus 4000 C1
lifespan 15 years
operator KT Corporation / South Korean Ministry of Defense
Playback information
Transponder 24 Ku-Band, 8 SHF-Band, 4 Ka-Band
First position 113 ° East
Actual position 113 ° East
List of geostationary satellites

Koreasat 5 is a South Korean communications satellite. It was built primarily for military purposes, but is also used for civil purposes.

The launch took place on August 22, 2006 by the company Sea Launch with a rocket of the Zenit type .

The satellite has a high transmission capacity. It was stationed on the geostationary orbit to cover the Asia-Pacific region. It has a mass of 4,438 kilograms and was stationed at the position 113 degrees east directly above the island of Borneo. It was built by the company " Alcatel Alenia Space ", the client was the company KT Corporation (a leading telecommunications provider in the region) and the South Korean Ministry of Defense. The satellite is designed for a service life of 15 years. It has 36 transponders that can be operated by two customers. It is South Korea's first military satellite manufactured primarily for military use.


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