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With Costs rent is called in Germany a rent that is necessary to protect the actual financing costs in full cover the running expenses (§ 72 para. 1 Second Housing Act (second WoBauG) in conjunction with the apartment binding law (WoBindG), the II. Calculation Directive ( II. BV) and the new building rent regulation (NMV) of 1970).

The rental rates in price-linked housing ( social housing ) are based on the cost rent; Subsidies , e.g. B. also in the form of public building loans , reduce the rent .

This is intended to ensure that the financing advantages that an owner enjoys in social housing are passed on to tenants without any reduction .

With the reform of housing construction law from social housing to social housing promotion through the law on the reform of housing law of September 13, 2001 , the cost rent law was fundamentally abandoned. Price maintenance can still be set for rental housing projects funded since then. However, this binding is no longer regulated by the complex cost rental law of the WoBindG, II. BV and NMV of 1970, but is part of the funding commitment of the funding agency as a so-called approval rent and can therefore be based more on the market value of the apartments. However, the cost rental law will continue to apply for a transitional period for residential construction projects funded until December 31, 2001 (in exceptional cases until December 31, 2002) until the corresponding fixed price agreements expire, which is in some cases not expected until 2075.

Calculation of the cost rent

The ongoing expenses are determined in accordance with §§ 18–30 II BV for each object to be financed. These are divided by the rentable living space in square meters. It is the responsibility of the owner (landlord) to take into account the different housing value, in particular the location, equipment and layout of the apartments, when calculating the individual rent for the respective apartment. However, the sum of the individual rents must not exceed the amount resulting from the multiplication of the average rent with the square meter of subsidized living space.

The following are included in the calculation of the cost rent:

  • Interest and administration costs for borrowed funds usually at the currently applicable percentage, based on the original loan amount.
  • Personal performance interest: interest up to 15% of the total production costs with 4%,
  • for the part of the own work exceeding 15% of the total production costs at the market interest rate for the first mortgage at the time the loan application is submitted , provided that the public funds were approved before January 1, 1974; in the other cases an interest rate of 6.5% (Section 20 Paragraph 2 in conjunction with Section 4 II. BV).
  • Depreciation 1% of the total costs (excluding land, acquisition and development costs ). Additional amounts may be applied as special depreciation for equipment and facilities, e.g. B. from the costs of ovens and stoves (3%), built-in furniture (3%), devices for exclusive hot water supply (4%), collective heating with hot water (3%), elevator (2%), communal antenna (9%), machine washing facilities (9%)
  • Administrative costs (adjusted to price index for cost of living every three years)
  • Operating costs (property tax, water supply, etc.) are not included, but are calculated as an allocation to the individual rent!
  • Maintenance costs per square meter p. a. - Adjustment to price index for cost of living every three years.
  • Rent loss in the amount of 2% of the gross rent (= 2.04% of the cost) without allocation and Supplements (z. B. apportionment loss risk in the amount of 2% of the operating costs) and minus any grants, Annuitätshilfen, redemption loans u. Ä.

The repayment of the loan is compensated for with the depreciation as part of the management costs.

If the total amount of current expenses is reduced, a new profitability calculation must be drawn up and the rent calculation should be used as a basis (Section 5 New Building Rent Ordinance 1970).

To calculate the cost of rent, the Landesbanken issue relevant information sheets on price-linked living space. The current rates of an adjustment of flat-rate costs following the price index can also be found here.

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