Kristus (tailor)

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Robert Schneider: "Kristus"

Kristus is a historical novel by Robert Schneider that was published in August 2004 by Aufbau Verlag . ( ISBN 3-35103-013-4 ) .


With Kristus , Robert Schneider tells the story of Jan Beukel, who lived in Münster in the 16th century and who, as Jan van Leiden and supporter of the Anabaptist movement, co-founded the Anabaptist empire of Münster and was crowned its king. The historical novel Schneiders reconstructs the fictional childhood of the Dutchman and his life against the backdrop of the history of the city of Münster . In many gravely, sometimes kitsch -sounding baroque language says Schneider, the history of the failed implementation of a utopia : The initially as a theocracy of equality and justice unintended Kingdom came to violent despotism . The reign of terror lasted until the city was conquered after two years. The expelled Bishop Franz von Waldeck had the 27-year-old Beukels and other leaders tortured to death and exhibited in iron baskets at St. Lamberti .