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Coordinates: 60 ° 49 '  N , 4 ° 49'  E

Map: Vestland
The so-called sea houses

Krossøy is a small port in the municipality of Austrheim , at the entrance to the Fensfjorden on the island of Krossøyna in Fylke Vestland in Norway . Krossøy includes the inhabited islands of Husøyna, Kårøyna, Krossøyna, Kuhovet, Lyngkjerringa, Søre Kjerringa and Rotøyna. The other places are Langøy and Sævrøy. The island community is called Øyane in Austrheim. The marine environment here is one of the best preserved on the west coast of Norway.

On Krossøyna are the farmland and the buildings on the east side of the island, with the houses (here called Sjøhusene) somewhat withdrawn from the sea and the nausts (boat sheds). A wall separates the arable land from the surrounding fields. Fishing is the main activity here. Agriculture was adapted to this. There is a complete forge in the village.

The port is protected by some archipelago. The buildings for maritime use are located in a narrow space, protected from the stormy sea. Boat houses, houses and stables are grouped here. Peat was extracted and stored on the islands. Piers and warehouses are made of granite . Most of the houses date from the end of the 19th century and are wooden frame structures . The cultural landscape and buildings form a harmonious unit in Krossøy. The use of the marine environment has a high priority in the national context.

Individual evidence

  1. The timber frame construction is characterized by a wooden frame with vertical and horizontal bars that take on the vertical stiffening . The horizontal stiffening is done by panel-shaped wall construction materials, diagonally applied or embedded boards and struts. This type of construction is particularly common in Scandinavia.

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