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The term cryptogenic and the synonym cryptogenic come from the Greek ( ancient Greek κρυπτός kryptós , German 'hidden' ) and are used in medicine.

Example: Infectious diseases such as "cryptogenic sepsis ".

In the English-speaking world, the terms “cryptogenic” and “cryptogenic” are often used synonymously with the term idiopathic .

In German-speaking countries they are used to describe a disease in which the origin of the damage cannot be proven with the currently available diagnostic methods, but can be assumed on the basis of test results ( anamnesis , course, etc.). It is about the identification of diseases, the cause of which has not yet been found (unknown etiology ). The terms are used particularly often in epileptology to classify epileptic seizures .

A possible goal in the treatment of people with a disease classified as cryptogenic is to still find out its cause and thereby to be able to optimize the therapy if necessary.

Individual evidence

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