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Laughing cabinets are small, closed rooms ( cabinets ) in which visitors are made to laugh through bizarre attractions for an entrance fee : for example, through grotesquely distorted mirrors that make their own reflection extremely thick, thin or bent, through illusions and other optical effects laughing voices from loudspeakers etc.

They can usually be found in amusement parks such as the Vienna Prater , sometimes in castles and museums , but also occasionally at fairs or art events.

In a figurative sense, "Lachkabinett" stands for bizarre conversations or discussions, e.g. B. in politics, s. a. Laughing number ,

"Lachkabinett" is also the title of some cabarets , impromptu comedies and films. Mention should be made among others

From May 25, 2019, the Mumok in Vienna is planning a discussion of the Spiegelkabinett in the exhibition "Really".

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