Convex mirror

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Convex mirror for an overview in traffic

Convex mirror (or convex mirror , scattering mirror ) form from belittling, so increase the viewing angle ( wide-angle effect ). For this reason, convex and non-flat mirrors are used on traffic roads to look into otherwise unmistakable or difficult-to-see junctions ( traffic mirrors ).

Convex mirror (top right on the mast) for better observation of a ship's deck

Convex mirrors are also used in shops in the form of surveillance mirrors (also hemispherical) to prevent theft offenses or for a better overview in workplaces in general.

The distortion of the image is also often used in mirror cabinets as a humorous effect, often with different radii of curvature and thus different degrees of reduction in different directions or at different points. For example, a convex mirror that is only curved in the horizontal direction is slimmer ( cylinder mirror ).

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