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Ladon (Greek Λάδων ) is:

in ancient mythology:

  • a multi-headed dragon that guarded the apples of the Hesperides, see Ladon (mythology)
  • a river god in Arcadia, son of Oceanus and Tethys, see Ladon (river god)
  • one of the dogs of the Aktaion , who tore it up when it was transformed into a deer by Artemis
  • one of the companions of Aeneas, who is killed by Halesus, king of the Aurunker (Virgil Aeneid 10.413)

in ancient geography:

  • a tributary of the Alpheios, today Ladonas
  • a tributary of the Peneios (today Pinios) on the Peloponnese, see Ladon (Peneios)
  • a tributary of the Billaios (today Filyos) in Bithynia, today Devrek Çayı

a person's name: