Avalanche bulletin

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The avalanche bulletin (German avalanche situation report ) is official information on the snow situation and the avalanche danger for a certain area that is published daily in the winter months . In particular, it contains information about:

  • Meteorological conditions in a certain region
  • Snowpack structure and stability
  • Avalanche trigger probability
  • Effects on traffic routes and settlements / recommendations

such as

  • Notes for people outside of safe zones / recommendations
  • a comprehensive assessment of the avalanche danger, indicated by the danger level.

The danger levels according to the European avalanche danger scale for avalanches apply uniformly throughout the entire Alpine region. The avalanche bulletin is drawn up by the national and regional avalanche warning centers of the Alpine countries and can be sent via web , app , telephone announcement and z. Partly via RSS feed , fax retrieval or subscription , via SMS , as a newsletter and in teletext . It serves the local avalanche commissions as a partial basis for orders such as the blocking of streets and the evacuation of houses and quarters . On the other hand, it is used to prepare for touring skiers, mountain hikers and mountaineers.

The avalanche bulletin is binding

An avalanche bulletin is only applicable to the region for which it was issued. The avalanche bulletin cannot replace an assessment of local conditions by the persons concerned. In particular, an avalanche bulletin does not allow an individual assessment of an avalanche slope. The local avalanche danger on a certain slope can differ significantly from a general avalanche danger that is determined in the avalanche bulletin.

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