Fax polling

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The polling also fax polling (of English. To poll called = recall) is a telephone service .

When polling a fax, you use your own fax machine to call up one or more documents from another fax machine . The connection for the transmission of the fax is not established by the sender, but actively by the recipient. The sender waits passively until it is called. Any connection costs are thus borne by the recipient who calls and then triggers the self-controlled sending of documents at the sender. The user establishes the connection with the polling remote station with his device and receives the data (pages) as a fax during the existing connection.

Instructions for calling up chargeable fax documents

  • Preselection: If you make a call using preselection and want to call up a fax from a 0900 number that is subject to a charge, you may have to dial the Deutsche Telekom area code (01033) if the preselection provider does not support dialing these numbers. However, since the beginning of the so-called Carrier Selection 2 phase, this is no longer necessary, since connections to value-added services are always established via the network operator (Deutsche Telekom).
  • Activation: If the telephone connection for the above-mentioned chargeable services should be blocked, you have to instruct your telecommunications provider ( Telekom , Arcor, etc.) to activate these services.
  • The fax machine to be dialed is often a computer that compiles the documents statically or dynamically .
  • Occasionally, calling 0900 numbers by fax is offered with fraudulent intent (especially for sending large amounts of worthless information for the purpose of high earnings via telephone charges), so you should make sure that the provider is reputable and the amount of documents to be received before making a claim .
  • Since the General Public Prosecutor's Office in Frankfurt am Main has decided that you do not have to state anything about the transmission speed of a fax request in advertising, you should monitor the polling when you request it. It can take up to an hour before the connection is automatically disconnected by the carrier. (Source: Public Prosecutor General Frankfurt am Main file number 3 Zs 859/02 of September 16, 2002)