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Mixed rye bread

Mixed bread , called gray bread in some regions of Germany (e.g. parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Hesse) , and black bread in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland , is bread made from a mixture of wheat and baked with sourdough or yeast - and rye flour . Mixed bread has a milder taste than rye bread and has a looser crumb . The majority of the breads offered in Germany are mixed breads.

A distinction is made between two categories, namely mixed rye bread and mixed wheat bread, each of which must consist of more than 50% of the corresponding type of grain.

Food regulations

Mixed rye bread consists of more than 50% rye flour, and over 90% (based on the total mass of the grain used) is called rye bread. The same limits apply to mixed wheat bread.

With an increasing proportion of rye in the mixed bread, you get a longer freshness and a stronger taste. A higher proportion of wheat flour results in bread with a higher degree of looseness and a milder taste.

The ingredients for a mixed bread are: rye and wheat flour (or meal ), water, sourdough , if necessary additionally or as a substitute for real sourdough, dough acidifier (e.g. buttermilk or lemon juice; in industrial production often sourdough extract, ready-made sour ), at non-traditional manufacturing additionally yeast (the already contain sufficient in real sourdough), salt and spices usually bread, such as caraway , anise , fennel and coriander .

The mixed bread comes in many regional names, such as B. After-work bread, spring crust or original bread. In addition to these fancy names, the customer must be made aware of the type of mixed bread. The bread may only be sold with the official indication of the type of bread, i.e. the sales description. An exception are certain geographical names which, because of their meal products, are solely valid under food law.

Geographical names

  • The Paderborn , the Oberland bread , which spreads from Cologne, and Bavarian house bread are strong mixed rye breads spread across the region.
  • The Warburger is a nationwide widespread, strong mixed bread in an elongated-oval shape.
  • The Kassel and Black Forest bread are nationally widespread mixed wheat bread.

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