Lazy jack

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Lazy jacks and lazy bags on a yacht mainsail
Sailing yacht with lazy jacks

Lazy-Jacks , also idlers mentioned are linen , the diagonal between pole and tree are excited and the sailing cause, for example, the mainsail, or spanker sail at the mountains.

When mounting sails without lazy jacks, the sail has to be laid by hand on the tree, alternating one bay of the sail to the left and one bay to the right. Lazy jacks take on this task, whereby the sail is automatically placed on the tree by the lines, without the sail bays being able to slide down from the tree.

In addition, a lazy bag can be attached between the lazy jacks and the boom , which holds the sail like a tarpaulin . When mounting the sail, the sail automatically falls into the lazy bag, guided by the lazy jacks, which is then closed with a zipper on the top so that the sail is safely stowed away.


The particular advantage of lazy jacks and a lazy bag is that sails can be retrieved completely from the cockpit. For example, no one has to leave the cockpit when the waves are high, which significantly increases safety on board.


When setting the sail, make sure that the ship is exactly in the wind, otherwise the ends of the battens could get caught in the lazy jacks.

Another disadvantage of the lazy jacks and especially the bags is the aerodynamic resistance.

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