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Basic data

developer Project members
Current  version 1.2.12
(July 25, 2013)
operating system Platform independent, as only PHP and MySQL are required.
programming language PHP
category Content management system , weblog publishing system
License GPL ( Free Software )
German speaking Yes

LifeType is a free weblog platform with support for multiple blogs and users in one installation. It was written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. LifeType is free software under the GNU General Public License 2 and is provided for free download.


  • multiple blogs per installation
  • Subdomains
  • multiple users per blog
  • Integrated media management ( podcasting , automatic preview images, multiple files at the same time, file browser)
  • Plug-ins
  • Anti-spam functions (Bayesian spam filter, comment moderation, captcha - including a barrier-free reCAPTCHA plug-in, trackback check)
  • mobile blogging ( moblog )


The LifeType project started in February 2003 when Oscar Renalias needed some scripts for his personal website. Although he did not yet know the concept of weblogs at the time, the first results of the project were already reminiscent of this concept. A few weeks later, another founding member, Francesc, suggested developing a weblog system with support for multiple blogs and multiple users as a better idea. So pLog 0.1 was published on September 2nd, 2003 with practically all basic functions, which still make up the core today. These include template support with Smarty, multilingual capabilities and plug-in functionality.

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