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A weblog software - also a weblog publication system ( WPS ) or English weblog publishing system - is a content management system for creating and managing blogs .

Features and functions

A characteristic of weblog publishing systems is the very simple publishing of entries compared to other content management systems. As a rule, no knowledge of HTML is required for this. The design is done using ready-made templates , which can often be further adapted by the user. In the standard template, the individual entries are arranged backwards chronologically.

Published entries receive permalinks and can be commented on by the readers - similar to web guest books (comment function). To interact with other blogs inbound and outbound are trackback pings support, often the simple creation of a is blogroll possible. In addition, posts such as comments can usually also be read and subscribed to as web feeds .

Further developments and dissemination

Many weblog publishing systems now also offer functions that go beyond the scope of functions required for blogging. In return, many “full-fledged” content management systems now also offer blogging functionality. A clear demarcation is therefore often difficult to make today from a technical point of view. It is mainly based on the history of the systems: Systems that were originally designed as weblog publishing systems will continue to be viewed as such. Content management systems with a blogging function to be added later are regarded as such and not as special "weblog publishing systems".

At the same time, classic weblog publishing systems are also used today for traditional websites that are not blogs. Up to 60% of all websites created with content management systems use the WordPress blog software - this corresponds to around a quarter of the entire Internet. All other weblog publishing systems currently (as of April 2017) only have single-digit percentages.

List of known weblog publishing systems

Installation on your own server / web space

Hosted Solutions

Individual evidence

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