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description Weblog Publishing System (see Social Software )
owner Antville - Association for the development, operation and support of free publishing software
Published February 2003 is one of the largest German-language blog - hosting platforms and one of the largest German weblog communities . It is operated by the Vienna Association for the Development, Operation and Support of Free Publishing Software , which also operates the website .

The platform enables users to operate a weblog provided by the provider free of charge or for a monthly fee. It currently has more than 100,000 registered users who operate more than 46,000 weblogs (as of December 2008).

In February 2018 it was announced that the current operator vi knallgrau gmbh would cease operating at the end of May of the same year, whereupon the operators of the website offered to take over and continue operating has therefore been running on Antville's web server since the end of September 2018.

history was launched in February 2003. Work on the platform began in 2002. At that time there were only a few and exclusively non-commercial German-language weblog platforms on the market. The platform , which was an important center of the German-speaking blogosphere, was working at its limit and was not accepting any new users. Knallgrau set itself the goal of starting the first commercial German-language weblog hosting service.


Three different products are currently offered: In the "Free" version, the user can create a weblog free of charge. The chargeable versions “Basic” and “Advanced” (5 or 20 euros per month) offer more storage space and extended functionality, such as the option of restricting access to the weblog. Since November 2013 it is no longer possible to create new blogs.

Products created from the weblog platform

For the one-year anniversary of the platform, the book "Readme.txt" was published in March 2004 with selected blog entries. Several readings were then held.

In September 2005 the online magazine “at least” was started, in which blog operators from the community act as authors.

Agency projects

Knallgrau also developed software platforms for customers based on the technology developed for For example, the Vienna University of Technology operates a blog platform for its relatives based on technology from The Telekom Austria is a community platform with a blog elements ( "AON Weblife"), which was developed from the art of

technology is based on a further development of the antville software .

In December 2005, the current development status of the software was published by as free software . This software project is called , the software itself is twoday . The development process was not opened, however, but takes place internally at Knallgrau New Media Solutions . Since December 2005 there have been no further publications of the software, which has since been further developed.


The weblog community has been the subject of empirical weblog research on several occasions, for example in 2003 in a master's thesis by Lucy Traunmüller, in 2004 in studies by Michael Schuster and in 2005 in research by Jan Schmidt.


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