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Basic data

developer Serendipity Developer Team / Jannis Hermanns
Current  version 2.3.5
( April 25, 2020 )
Current preliminary version 2.2.1-alpha1
(September 20, 2018)
operating system Platform independent
programming language PHP
category Weblog Publishing System

Content management system

License BSD license
German speaking Yes

Serendipity ("s9y" for short) is a PHP -based weblog publishing system with the support of various database management systems . Serendipity is published as free software under a BSD license .


Serendipity was started in winter 2002 by Jannis Hermanns under the name jBlog . Due to a name conflict with an existing weblog publishing system, Sterling Hughes brought the name serendipity into play. The proposal is based on an essay by Sam Ruby and the stripper played by actress Salma Hayek in the film Dogma . The short form s9y is based on short forms like l10n , where the number 9 stands for the number of letters left out.


Serendipity is particularly popular with its users because of the selection of plug-ins (e.g. for podcasting , galleries , multilingualism , textile markup) and the Smarty -based template engine . Furthermore, an embedded operation in existing websites is possible ( embed option), as well as the operation of several weblogs under the same address ( shared option). Since the release of a plug-in for the creation and management of static pages, Serendipity can also be used as a content management system . The easy creation of templates and the user-friendly setup of new pages are particularly appreciated .


  • Garvin Hicking: (2008) Serendipity. Individual weblogs for beginners and professionals. 1st edition - Open Source Press ISBN 978-3-937514-54-3 .

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