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Movable Type (dt .: "Movable Letter ") is a widely used, in some versions free (under GNU GPL licensed) blog publishing system , which the California-based Six Apart is developed. The original name was "Serge", after the musician Serge Gainsbourg .

Six Apart maintains two other weblog publishing systems, namely TypePad and Vox . While Movable Type must be installed on the user's own web server, TypePad is a hosted service. Vox, a service that is also hosted, puts the community aspect in the foreground over TypePad.

Range of functions

One of its most famous functions is trackback , which was introduced in version 2.2 and has since been implemented in many other blog systems . Movable Type supports many weblogging features such as user accounts, comments, post categories and themes. Many plug-ins from other manufacturers offer additional functionalities.


Version 3.0 introduced a new license model: As a private person, you could use the software free of charge; there were also special license models for companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations . Before version 3.0, everyone could freely use the software to its full extent; Version 3.0 limited the number of authors and weblogs depending on the license purchased.

After many users expressed their displeasure with this licensing model by switching to other platforms such as WordPress , Six Apart withdrew the changes with version 3.2.

Version 4.0 was placed under the GPL in December 2007 .

On June 23, 2009 the development of the Forks Melody by developers from the Movable Type Community was announced.

With the release of version 6 towards the end of 2013, Movable Type was again placed under a commercial license and the software can be purchased in different versions.

designation version Publication date License
Movable Type pro 6.3.6 18th October 2017 commercially
Movable type 5.2.13 April 15, 2015 Open source


Movable Type is written in Perl and supports the storage of weblog content and the associated data in MySQL . The system supports static page generation, in which files for each page are updated as soon as the content changes, dynamic page generation, in which the pages from the underlying database are merged as soon as the browser requests them, and a combination of these.

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