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A moblog (also spelled MoBlog ) is a blog that is filled with content by a mobile telecommunications device , usually a cell phone or PDA . The case word is made up of the words "mobile" (English: "mobil", "mobilfunktelefon") and "weblog".

A moblog normally consists mainly of images taken with a camera phone have been received and provided via the mobile phone keypad with a short text comment. Image and text are sent to the weblog via MMS or e-mail . Occasionally, special programs installed on the mobile phone, so-called "weblog clients", are used for the transmission to the weblog.

The first known moblogs originated in Japan, where camera phones were the quickest to spread. The term itself was used by Justin Hall and Adam Greenfield in 2002. In 2003, Greenfield organized the first International Moblogging Conference in Japan. The term became popular in the summer of 2003 through the American media theorist Howard Rheingold , who during the election campaign for the 2004 presidential election called on US citizens to be vigilant in the democratic process with “Moblog the Conventions!”.


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