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New Ligerz-Tessenberg Railway

The Ligerz-Tessenberg-Bahn (LTB) , ( French Chemin de fer funiculaire Gléresse-Montagne de Diesse ) is a funicular on the western shores of Lake Biel . It connects Ligerz on the shores of Lake Biel with Prêles on the southern edge of the plateau of the Montagne de Diesse , the Tessenberg. Since May 18, 2004 the funicular has been operating as a winch railway under the tourist brand vinifuni .


Old car

The LTB started operating on June 8, 1912 and carried 29,950 passengers by the end of the year. In 1913 the number sank to 9,640 people and in 1915 it reached the minimum in its history with 7,518 passengers. In 1929, more than 70,000 people were registered for the first time. The number continued to rise until the maximum of 178,042 passengers was reached in 1947. Later the LTB averaged 70,000 people per year and since 2005 it has regularly reached over 100,000 passengers per year.

In the first year of operation, the freight transport amounted to 280 t. The intensive peat exploitation and drainage on the Tessenberg caused the LTB's transports to skyrocket from 1917 and reached the record value of 4,736 t in 1920. However, the volume subsequently fell to an average of 1000 to 1700 t per year, with the last high of 2339 t in 1943. In 1989, freight traffic was definitely stopped.

In 1912 the railway consisted of two vehicles with a wooden structure, each with space for 48 people. These cars were replaced in 1949 by two new aluminum light steel cars that could each carry 60 passengers. As of 2004, only one vehicle was used with the new winch lift, which has since offered space for 50 people. By increasing the travel speed from 3.3 m / s to 5.0 m / s, the conveying capacity remains at a high level at 290 people per hour.

In 1971 drive and remote controls were installed, which made the machinists superfluous. The railway came to the end of its life at the end of the 20th century, and renovation was inevitable. They even checked the switch to bus operation, but decided to keep the train. Since the urgently needed total renovation exceeded LTB's financial resources, it merged with Aare Seeland mobil (asm) in 2003 . After a six-month renovation phase, combined with the renovation of the route and the reconstruction of the valley and mountain stations, the new winch lift went into operation on May 18, 2004. In 2008, 116,782 passengers used the train.

Technical specifications

New track (since 2004)

  • Ligerz-Gléresse valley station: 437 m above sea level M.
  • Pilgerweg stop: 487 m above sea level M.
  • Festi / Château stop: 577 m above sea level M.
  • Prêles mountain station: 820 m above sea level M.
  • Horizontal length (orthogonal distance): 1135 m
  • Effective (inclined) length: 1198 m
  • Difference in altitude: 382.65 m
  • Smallest curve radius: 200 m
  • Incline: 23 - 40%
  • Track width: 1 meter
  • Vehicle capacity: 50 people
  • Cruising speed: 5.0 m / s
  • Number of trips per hour: 1 (2 in summer)


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