Lista Civetta

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As Lista Civetta ( Käuzchenliste ) in Italy certificate lists special characteristics are referred to the parliamentary elections, which are used to take advantage of the election process.

In 1994 , 1996 and 2001 75% of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies were given by majority vote and only 25% by proportional representation. However, in the proportional representation, votes from the successful list were withdrawn from the majority vote. In order to get around this, special lists, the list Civette, were drawn up for majority elections , which had different names than those for proportional representation. This avoided the withdrawal of votes.

For the 2001 parliamentary election , the candidates from the center-left alliance Ulivo on the Paese Nuovo list , those of the center-right alliance Casa delle Libertà on the Abolizione Scorporo list .

With the 2006 electoral reform, majority voting was abolished and the Civetta list became obsolete.