List of asteroids, number 53501 to 54000

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The following table contains a partial list of the asteroid overview . The numbers listed in the first column indicate the order of their final cataloging, serve as an identification number and are part of the name.

The background color indicates the type of orbit:

Main belt asteroid within the 3: 1 Kirkwood gap at 2.50 AU
Main belt asteroid between the 3: 1 Kirkwood gap and the 5: 2 Kirkwood gap
Main belt asteroid outside the 5: 2 Kirkwood gap at 2.82 AU
Cupid-type near-earth asteroid
Apollo-type near-earth asteroid
Aten-type near-earth asteroid
Mars trojan
Jupiter Trojan
Neptune Trojan
Transneptunian object

Special features are indicated by a border:

Mars orbit cruiser. Main girdle asteroid with a perihelion smaller than the perihelion of Mars (1,381 AU)
Marsbahn Grazer. Main girdle asteroid with a perihelion larger than the perihelion of Mars but smaller than the aphelion of Mars (1,666 AU)
Potentially dangerous asteroid (background color according to orbit type)
Dwarf planet

Asteroid numbers 53501 to 54000

53501-53600 53601-53700 53701-53800 53801-53900 53901-54000
No. and name Large half-
axis (AU)
source Date of discovery Explorer
(53546) 2000 BY 6 2.7221 1056546Data January 27, 2000 Lincoln Laboratory ETS
(53550) 2000 BF 19 1.4954 1053550Data January 28, 2000 Spacewatch

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