List of listed objects in Kostoľany pod Tribečom

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The list of listed objects in Kostoľany pod Tribečom contains the three objects protected according to Slovak monument protection regulations in the municipality of Kostoľany pod Tribečom in Okres Zlaté Moravce.


photo   Monument / č. ÚZPF Location / conskr. No. Official description description

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Burg (sk)
ObjectID: 407-1451 / 0

KG: Kostoľany pod Tribečom
Konskr.Nr .:
skúmané čiastočne; Castle ruins

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Church (sk)
ObjectID: 407-1452 / 1
175 KG
: Kostoľany pod Tribečom
Konskr.Nr .: 175
rksv.Juraja; Kostol sv.Juraja Roman Catholic Church ST.GEORG

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Cemetery next to the church (sk)
ObjectID: 407-1452 / 2

KG: Kostoľany pod Tribečom
Konskr.Nr .:


The table contains the following information:

Photo: Photograph of the monument.
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Monument / č. ÚZPF: The translation of the name of the monument as used by the Slovak Monuments Office (Pamiatkový úrad Slovenskej republiky) . The original name is given under the question mark. If the translation is missing, the original name is displayed directly. The object identification number (object ID) is also given. It is the official number č , which is unique in Slovakia . ÚZPF including the associated serial number as it is specified in the data of the monument office. Since this is only counted within a district, its number is placed in front of the monument number.
Location: If it is in the list, the address is given. There can be an additional address in brackets, for example if it is a corner house. For free-standing objects without an address ( e.g. shrines ), an address is given that is close to the object. By calling up the link Location , the location of the monument is displayed in various map projects. Below this are the cadastral community (KG) and, if available, the conscription number (Konskr. Nr.) .
Official Description: The short description in Slovak as it is given in the official lists is entered.
Description: Brief information on the monument in German.

Individual evidence

  1. register nehnuteľných NKP from February 8, 2012